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About Nana's Music Box...

Mom ("Nana") and I in 2005 -- 5 years before she was diagnosed...

"Nana" is my mom, Helen, who suffered from Alzheimer's for two years before we lost her to the disease in 2012. She had always loved music; especially 'Claire de Lune' and 'You Are My Sunshine'.

Had we realized the importance of music when she was sick,

we surely would have played it more frequently for her.

How does music help?

According to The Alzheimer's Association, “research shows that music has a positive impact on individuals with Alzheimer’s; bringing them back to good times, increasing stimulation and providing an opportunity to interact with family members.”

While we can't change the past, Nana's Music Box(sm) now helps bring happiness to others who suffer from the disease....through donations of gently used music devices which can be donated conveniently at sponsoring local businesses, schools and libraries. They are then taken directly to local care facilities that are in need of such where patients' families can access what they wan, when they want it.

I truly hope Nana's Music Box can bring some sunshine to you and your nana...a smile, a memory...however brief it may be.

My prayers are with you.


Gail Carpenter, founder

Mars, PA

P.S. Nana's Music Box is based in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

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learn about music and memory.

Mom and I in 2005 ... 5 years before she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

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                            Mom and I in 2005

5 years before she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's

                       Mom and I in 2005

(5 years before she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's)

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